Thursday, May 10, 2012

Same-Sex Marriage and the Basis for Morality

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The worldwide webernet is ablaze with discussion regarding same-sex marriage right now. Surely you have noticed that much. President Obama has unveiled his support for it, though it’s a bit late for the North Carolina election and a number of people are torn. Some say the president should have done more while others applaud him for doing more than any other president. Some are accusing North Carolina voters of being bigots while others are commending them for their vote.

Not too long ago Joel Osteen actually revealed his feeling on an issue. Even Joel Osteen says same-sex marriage isn’t “God’s best” for a person. Whatever that means. Evangelicals and political conservatives have taken a verbal beating from the other side. Either way, Christians and supporters of “traditional marriage” are not going to win this debate. I say that hesitantly so let me define that statement.